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Talk given by Ines Ghribi (University of Karthage, Tunisia)

Begin: Wed, 13. of Jul 2016 ( 2:45 PM)
Location: Warburger Str. 100, O4.267

On July 13, 2016, Ines Ghribi (University of Karthage, Tunisia) will give a talk about "A new codesign methodology for reconfigurable embedded systems" in the context of the SFB 901.


Our work presents a co-design methodlogy based on new techniques for modeling and partitioning of reconfigurable embedded systems. A reconfiguration is assumed to be any addition, removal or update of software tasks. The modeling approach consists in a software specification presented by Directed Acyclic Graphs with valued edges expressing probabilistic estimations of the task executions. A three phase partitioning approcah that deals with several design constraints is introduced.