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Tools and demonstration systems developed in first funding period

Tool-Suite containing SSE, MatchBox, LM Configurator, SimuLizar, and Functional Analysis Tools.

   -> SeSAME page

Service Specification Environment for describing services comprehensively and transforming specification languages using by-example techniques.

   -> SSE page

Framework for matching services using a comprehensive matching process and fuzzy matching.

   -> MatchBox page

Functional analysis of pre- and postconditions and data flow.

   -> Functional Analysis Tools page

Provides modeling support for self-adaptation rules as well as new analysis for scalability, elasticity, and efficiency.

   -> SimuLizar page

The goal of the market demonstrator is to demonstrate and evaluate the feasibility of an On-The-Fly service market.

   -> Market Demonstrator page

ConfigMate is a tool to automatically compose a new service operation from a given set of service operations.

   -> ConfigMate Page

Proof-Carrying Hardware Demonstrator

   -> PCH Demonstrator page

Integrates proof-carrying code and programs-from-proofs in software analysis tool CPAchecker.

   -> SoCeTs page

Image Processing Demonstrator

The On-The-Fly Image Processing demonstrator aims for emphasizing the benefits of applying On-The-Fly Computing service composition techniques to the image processing application domain.

   -> Image Processing Demonstrator page

CrACo - Cryptographic Access Control Tool for Large Scale Systems

   -> CrACo page

MaxiNet extends the famous Mininet emulation environment to span an emulation across several physical machines. This allows to emulate very large SDN networks.

   -> MaxiNet page

The simulator provides functionalities to implement and test scheduling strategies and evaluate them.

   -> SchedSim

Heterogeneous Node demonstrates the execution of service compositions on different computing resources deployed in a single heterogeneous server.

   -> Heterogeneous Node page

The Water Tank Optimization tool can be used to support the planning process for tanks in a water distribution system.

   -> Water Tank Optimization page

The Ontology Optimization Models tool implements the process of Algebraic Modeling Language (AML) Derivation for an ontology represented optimization model.

   -> Ontology Optimization Models page