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CRC 901 – On-The-Fly Computing (OTF Computing) Show image information

CRC 901 – On-The-Fly Computing (OTF Computing)

Monday, 29.09.2014 | 10.00 Uhr | Alcatel-Lucent Campus, Stuttgart, Germany.

1st KuVS Workshop on Anticipatory Networks

The event will take place from September 29 to 30, 2014 at the Alcatel-Lucent Campus in Stuttgart, Germany.                                                                                                                        

Anticipation is a promising new approach for designing telecommunication networks. By predicting and adapting to upcoming events an anticipatory network can highly improve operation quality and efficiency. Driven by the increasing capabilities of “smart” handsets as well as by the recent progress in machine learning and context-aware optimization, anticipatory adaptation receives more and more attention by researchers in industry and academia. While early results show the high potential of anticipation for specific scenarios, many theoretical and practical questions remain.

This workshop aims to consolidate the view on Anticipatory Networks, to define promising research directions, and to connect researchers in the field. While current research has considered anticipation mostly in a wireless context, we encourage discussions about applications in other systems as well, e.g., data centers and backhauls. Researchers, scientists and engineers from industry and academia are cordially invited to present their work.

For more information please visit: 
1st KuVS Workshop on Anticipatory Networks

The University for the Information Society