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CRC 901 – On-The-Fly Computing (OTF Computing) Show image information

CRC 901 – On-The-Fly Computing (OTF Computing)

Monday, 09.01.2017 | 16.15 Uhr | Warburger Str. 100, lecture hall L2

SFB-Lecture given by Prof. Dr. Eric Bodden (Paderborn University)

On January 9, 2017, Prof. Dr. Eric Bodden (Paderborn University) will give a talk about "Tool Support for Security by Design" in the context of the SFB 901.


For years now, new vulnerabilities and exploits have appeared prominently in the news every day. But why, despite recent efforts, are software-intensive systems so insecure? Ultimately, secure software development is a socio-technical problem, as it is humans (architects, developers, analysts) that need to master the craft of secure engineering. In this talk I will give an overview of what it takes to develop software-intensive systems securely, and will present examples of recent tool-based approaches to aid in the secure design and engineering of such systems.

The University for the Information Society