Sche­dSim - Sche­du­ler Si­mu­la­tor


SchedSim is a scheduling simulation framework implemented as Eclipse plug-ins based on the existing service specification environment SSE. It extends the underlying meta-models by new parameters for jobs and machines such that it can be used for the specification of instances of theoretical scheduling models. The simulator provides functionalities to implement and test scheduling strategies and evaluate them.


  • Meta-models featuring a variety of parameters
  • Flexible interface for implementation of scheduling strategies
  • Extendable monitoring functionalities
  • Visualization of measurements
  • Automated simulations possible


1. Modeling

2. Results

3. ArSchedul

4. Power Consumption

5. BwSchedule


The Scheduling Simulator has been developed in subproject C2 in cooperation with subproject B3. For more information please contact Alexander Mäcker or Sören Riechers.