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CRC 901 – On-The-Fly Computing (OTF Computing)

PROSECO - PROtotype-based SErvice COmposition

Prototypes consist among other things of a skeleton for the services to be provided, which can contain placeholders for building blocks. Placeholders can be replaced by single constants up to complex program code. Placeholders are replaced by a so-called grounding routine with concrete values, which are optimized for a user query by means of so-called search strategies, e.g. algorithms for service composition.

For the specification of a query, the instantiation of a prototype is preceded by an interview process in order to first determine the domain from which the service requested by the user originates. Once the domain is specified, the following questions of the interview first reveal the relevant prototype and then the data relevant for the instantiation of the prototype.

In the proof-of-concept, PROSECO is used within the OTF provider for the configuration and provision of composed services.


If you have any questions regarding PROSECO, please, contact the staff of subproject B2.

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