Talk giv­en by Prof. Dr. Ran Gelles (Bar-Il­an Uni­ver­sity, Ramat Gan, Is­rael)

Title: Distributed Computations in Fully-Defective Networks
Begin: Friday, 16 of December 2022 (2:45 PM)
Room: F0.231


In *fully-defective* asynchronous networks all links are subject to an unlimited number of alteration errors,
implying that all messages in the network may be completely corrupted. Despite the possible intuition that
such a setting is too harsh for any reliable communication, we show how to simulate any algorithm for a
noiseless setting over any fully-defective setting, given that the network is 2-edge connected. We further
prove that if the network is not 2-edge connected, no non-trivial computation in the fully-defective setting is possible.