Ad­ri­an Red­der has suc­cess­fully de­fen­ded his PhD thes­is on "Dis­trib­uted Asyn­chron­ous Ap­prox­im­a­tion Al­gorithms with un­boun­ded stochast­ic In­form­a­tion Delays – The­ory and Ap­plic­a­tions"

Begin: Friday, 5th of April 2024, 2:00 pm
Room: O4.267                                                                             

On Friday, 5th of April 2024 Adrian Redder has successfully defended his PhD thesis on "Distributed Asynchronous Stochastic Approximation Algorithms with unbounded stochastic Information Delays – Theory and Applications"

Adrian Redder was team member of the SFB 901 subproject C4 and his supervisor is Prof. Dr. Holger Karl. We sincerely congratulate Adrian on passing the examination!