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CRC 901 – On-The-Fly Computing (OTF Computing)


Presentation of the p2p framework used in SFB 901 at the CeBIT 2012

Begin: Tue, 06. of Mar 2012 ( 8:00 AM)
Location: Hannover, Germany

The p2p framework, that is elaborated in project A1, has been presented at the CeBIT 2012 and gained very positive feedback. A successful presentation of research results to researchers, industry and casual visitors.

Project A1 aims at creating a basis for the on-the-fly market place. For that a preliminary p2p framework has been created, which will act as basis building block. The prototyp for the p2p framework has been created by a motivated project group under the guidance of Dr. Kalman Graffi and presented at the CeBIT, the world's largest IT fair. The feedback was throughout positive.

The University for the Information Society