Talk giv­en by Prof. Dav­id Bardey (Uni­ver­sity of Los Andes, Toulouse School of Eco­nom­ics)

Title: Two-sided markets in healthcare markets: an overview
Begin: Friday, 24 of June 2022 (9:15 AM)
Room: Q 2.101


The two-sided market literature, borrowing from multi-pricing models on the one hand, and networks literature, on the other hand, was born 20 years ago. Since then, a lot of of applications have been suggested in a broad range of sectors, health economics being one of them. In this talk, I will come back, first, to the core of the two-sided market features, explaining the main mechanisms according to the type of networks externalities at work. I will also point out the strong competition policy implications that one may face when analysing two-sided markets. Second, I will share an overview of two-sided markets models that have been applied to the health care sector in order to shed light on competition policy implications and to offer new insights concerning old issues such as the features of providers’ payment schemes. Finally, we shall think about new applications in health care sector.