Talk given by Prof. Dr. Kurt Geihs (University of Kassel)

Begin: Wed, 09. of Nov 2011 ( 4:00 PM)
Location: Fürstenallee 11, Room F0.530

On November 9, 2011, the 2nd SFB 901 seminar in the winter semester will take place.


Adaptive applications adapt themselves to changes in their execution context. Significant context changes trigger adaptations according to a given objective function. In ubiquitous computing environments services may be discovered and bound dynamically. Adaptive applications may utilize such services to improve their offered functional and non-functional properties. Our adaptation framework allows the on-the-fly substitution of an application component by an external, dynamically discovered service, if the utility of the application is increased by the reconfiguration. The development of such adaptive applications is a complex and challenging task. We present a model-driven development method that facilitates the design and implementation of adaptive applications. The core of the approach is an architectural variability model that specifies application variants and their dependencies on the context variables. The variability model is used by the adaptation manager at run-time to reason about adaptation. A unique feature of our framework is the seamless integration of external services into the component-based adaptation framework. Thus, the adaptation reasoning takes into account the execution context of an adaptive application as well as the quality of service properties of available services. Experiences with case studies and open research questions will be discussed at the end of the talk.

Photo: Prof. Dr. Kurt Geihs (University of Kassel)