ReproDroid is a framework which can be used to create, refine and execute reproducible benchmarks for Android app analysis tools.


The complete ReproDroid framework consists of the Benchmark Refinement and Execution Wizard (BREW) and its underlying AQL-System which uses the AQL (Android App Analysis Query Language). The picture above summarizes how the framework works. BREW takes a set of apps or a complete benchmark as input and issues one AQL-Query per benchmark case. Then, one query after another arrives at an AQL-System which produces one AQL-Answer per query. To do so, it uses analysis tools specified in BREW’s configuration file. All AQL-Answers are gathered by BREW. Based on these answers a final report for e.g. a benchmark is carried out.

The tools and results presented in the proposing paper can be downloaded for inspection here. In order to work with the framework, we suggest to download the up-to-date version of BREW. The underlying AQL-System is also available.


The whole ReproDroid Framework as well as the involved tools and computed results can be found on the following github pages: