SSSON - Self-stabilizing Supervised Overlay Network

SSSON is a prototype instance of the self-stabilizing publish-subscribe system published at IPDPS'18 [1].
It was developed in Subproject A1 of the SFB901 and has been implemented in the OTF PoC as part of the distributed publish-subscribe system.

The system simulates a peer-to-peer environment, where peers act as subscribers and are able to subscribe to multiple domains.
As new peers join or leave domains, the prototype demonstrates the self-stabilizing aspect of the supervised overlay network, i.e., the peers are able to recover the topology by themselves.
The supervisor is responsible to maintain the domains and the labeling of subscribers for each domain.
Aside from the above features the system is also able to distribute publications among all subscibers in a self-stabilizing manner, i.e., if a publication gets lost at some subscriber, it can be recovered by letting peers exchange the root hashes of their internally stored Patricia tries.
The implementation comes with a simple GUI that visualizes the changes made by the self-stabilizing protocol.



SSSON has been developed by subproject A1. If you have any questions, please contact research staff from Subproject A1.