LMC - Lan­guage-Match­er Con­fig­ur­at­or


LM Configurator enables configuration of the comprehensive service specification language (SSL) of SSE and the matchers of MatchBox for various service markets considered within the scope of the CRC 901 "On-The-Fly Computing". LM Configurator takes a set of formalized service market characteristics as input and outputs a configured SSL and a corresponding configured matching process. LM Configurator is an automatic and systematic approach enabling its users to obtain a service specification language and a configuration of its matchers, which are best suitable for the given service market.


LM Configurator performs the configuration based on so-called configuration properties and configuration rules:

  • Configuration properties formalize characteristics of service markets relevant for configuration.
    • Example configuration property: Standardization of a service market. Its range of values: "true" for standardized terminology and processes in the market; "terminology_only" for standardized terminology in the market; "processes_only" for standardized processes in the market; "false" for no standardization for both.
  • Configuration rules state how the comprehensive SSL and the matchers of Matchbox have to be configured based on a set of configuration properites with concrete values.
    • Example configuration rule selecting a service aspect: IF Standardization of a service market = "true" THEN select Signatures.
  • Configuration rules have several types:
    • Selection of service aspects
    • Selection of language constructs
    • Configuration of a matching process
    • Configuration of matcher properties
    • Configuration of aggregation of matching results

We evaluate the resulting configured language and matchers based on the metrics of matching accuracy in terms of precision and recall, and matching efficiency in terms of runtime.

Related Publications

  • Svetlana Arifulina, Marie Christin Platenius, Steffen Becker, Christian Gerth, Gregor Engels, Wilhelm Schäfer: Market-Optimized Service Specification and Matching. In Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2014). (2014)
  • Arifulina, Svetlana; Platenius, Marie Christin; Gerth, Christian; Becker, Steffen; Engels, Gregor; Schäfer, Wilhelm: Configuration of Specification Language and Matching for Services in On-The-Fly Computing. Technical Report tr-ri-14-342, University of Paderborn. (2014)


The latest state of our implementation (nightly build) can be installed within the scope of SeSAME in Eclipse Kepler via our Eclipse Update Site[.

LM Configurator and other tools

  • SeSAME: LM Configurator is part of our tool-suite SeSAME (Service Specification Analysis and Matching Environment).
  • SSE: The comprehensive service specification language (SSL) and specifications in this language used within LM Configurator are created in SSE.
  • MatchBox: Service specifications created with SSE are compared using matchers of our tool MatchBox.


If you have any questions regarding LM Configurator, please, contact the research staff from Subproject B1.